Herding lambda functions Made EASY !

Lambdawg is an AWS Lambda function visualization app.


A flexible app

Access your Lambda data from anywhere with our reponsive interface. If you have access to a bigger screen, enjoy a full fledged visualisation of the state of your lambda function. On the go ? Get access to your business-critical data.

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Easy to use

Lambdawg was conceived to make your life easier. You can connect you aws account in 3 easy steps:

  • 1
    Click the link
    It will take you to a ready-made Cloudformation stack
  • 2
    Copy and paste
    the arn number will link your account to the app
  • 3
    the arn is linked to your lambdawg profile. That's it !

Core features

Lambdawg was created around showing you 3 key sets of data.

  • λ
    Lambda data
    An up-to date list of your lambda functions
  • C
    Cloudwatch metrics
    Lambdawgs fetches metrics such as your Lambda functions invocations from cloud watch
  • X
    See the x-ray trace data of your lambda functions

OS Labs

This app was developped in partnership with OSLabs. If you are curious to discover more OSlabs apps for developpers, visit their website.
And if want to know more about their other projects, visit their github page

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oslabs Github
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